I get pimples when I use vitamin C, does Dermaunique vitamin C serum cause pimples?

The formulation of Dermaunique vitamin C serum is based on water, and the presence of stable vitamin C will prevent pimples on your face.

Does it have peeling after using Life2be Night-Time brightening Cream?

No, the amount of retinol in this cream is controlled to the amount that is in the formula and will be applied to the skin.

I'm pregnant, can I use Tobi Life anti-blemish products?

Apart from Life Tubi night cream, which contains retinol in its formula, the rest of the products can be used during pregnancy and even breastfeeding.

I had a hair transplant, can I use Beauty Silk anti-hair loss solution and shampoo?

After spraying the first period after hair transplantation, both products can be used..

Will my skin become scaly by using Dermaionic anti-acne?

This product makes your skin flaky and hard.

Can dermaionic colored nourishing moisturizers be used instead of sunscreen?

Yes, he can use this product because it has SPF30.

7. I have a sensitive eye area and I get irritated when applying different types of eye circles, what is your suggestion?

If you have a sensitive eye area, you can use Skinnycode's revitalizing eye cream.

I just had a laser, which of your products can I use?

You can also use dermaionic repair cream to repair laser-damaged areas faster. Also, to prevent spots from returning, you can use skin code lightening hand cream, dermaionic hand and body cream, and even life tube body lotion.

I get stretch marks and dryness after washing my face, do you have the right cleanser for me?

If you have dry skin, Life Tubi light gel is recommended for you. If you have skin, use this. The ingredients in these gels help hydrate your skin after use.

I have a six-month-old son who has severe eczema and dry skin. What product can I use for my son?

Beauty Silk face and body lotion is a complete product that can be used to remove dryness and eczema of your beloved child.